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Spring Season 2014

Schedule for April 27 - Note the doubleheaders

  April 27     9am-3pm      
    Super Masters          
  9:00am Breakaway vs. Tombstone Field 3    
  9:00am BSL-SM vs. Generals Field 4    
  9:00am Rome's Saloon vs. Colorado Liquor Mart Field 5    
  10:00am Genesis vs. Americans Field 3    
  10:00am Lax Gear vs. Hooligans-M Field 4    
  10:00am Nike-Authentic Athletix vs. Lax World Field 5    
    Super Masters          
  11:00am Colorado Liquor Mart vs. Generals Field 3    
  11:00am Rome's Saloon vs. Tombstone Field 4    
  11:00am BSL-SM vs. Breakaway Field 5    
  12:00pm Vipers-M vs. Lax World Field 3    
  12:00pm Genesis vs. Nike Field 4    
  12:00pm Hooligans vs. Americans Field 5    
  1:00pm BSL-E vs. Wicked Field 3    
  1:00pm Black Dog vs. Hooligans-E Field 4    
  1:00pm Pioneer vs. Vipers-E Field 5    
  2:00pm BSL-E vs. Vipers-E Field 3    
  2:00pm Black Dog vs. Pioneer Field 4    
  2:00pm Wicked vs. Hooligans-E Field 5    

Remaining season schedules can be found on the following page: Forms/Documents

Rosters are locked - Remember players must be listed on the roster on the website in order to play in the season. 

In case of weather be sure to check our website here as we will update status on the homepage.





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