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Registration is now open and you can register for your Spring 2015 team.
The Spring season is set to start on March 22 and end before Memorial Day.  The games are on Sundays except for the All Star Games (to be held the Friday night before Memorial Day).

We will not be having games on Easter this season as requested by the players.
The registration process is the same as last year with a three step process of registering for your team, providing payment and providing your US Lacrosse information to be validated by US Lacrosse: 
1.  You will need to register on the CULL website under the Player Registration page )
Be sure to enter your birthdate including year of birth and the zip code of your US Lacrosse membership as this is used by US Lacrosse to verify your membership.  Also be sure to enter the email address where you would like to receive league emails (such as schedule notifications).  
* Note that you will need to register separately for each team if you are playing for multiple teams. As a reminder a player can play for one team in multiple leagues if they meet the age requirement.
- When you have registered there will simply be a note that shows "Thank you for registering!" in red at the top of the screen.  
2.  You will receive an email sent to the address you registered with that contains a link to the Player Payment  page.  
Once you select your team (or the Grand Master Free Agent selection) and hit "Add to Cart" it will take you to PayPal for secured payment.  You need to pay your player dues through PayPal ($79 per team you are playing on) but you are not required to have a PayPal account.   
3.  You must be a current member of US Lacrosse through the entire spring season.  This information must be provided by you and validated by US Lacrosse before you will be added to the team roster.
There are some final decisions about a couple of teams.  If you do not see your team listed on the registration, we suggest checking with your team captain first.  If you find yourself without a team, you are more than welcome to register as a free agent and the league will make every attempt to find a team for you if needed. 
If you are a captain and would like to have a team in the league or for more information please contact us as soon as possible.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in March!
Colorado United Lacrosse League










Steve Gillette, Terry DeBell, Matt Plitnick and Mike Held are introducing a new CULL Grandmasters (50+) division in the Spring League.

The following approach seems to be the best:
1. Players, as usual, would qualify in the year in which they turn 50. For the 2015 season, they will have to be born in 1965 or earlier. The league may consider an extension of the age level to 49 or 48 in order to reach an appropriate number of players. For those of you who have not played in the Mike Held League (MHL), it will speed things up to be sure to enter your full birthdate including year you were born when you register, so that we can ensure players are in the appropriate league, while keeping an wary eye on the rest of you as you age.
2. The intent is that entries will be on an individual basis rather than in a team format. Registration on the CULL site will be as free agents. The league will create a committee to assign the entrants to teams, with the intent of having evenly matched rosters. (Those of you who have played in the MHL will recognize the format.) It may be possible to accommodate requests for particular teammates, but this cannot be promised.

3. The CULL schedule will be constructed in a way that will allow players to compete in both all deivisions, including 40+ and 50+ divisions, without conflict.

4. Our expectation is that we will have enough players to field 4 teams. If that happens, the season will probably be 2 cycles of round robin play, with a championship round at the end, for a total of 7 games.

It's important that you respond quickly if you plan to participate so that we can get shirts ordered and other details worked out.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the new division.



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