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Guys, We are aware that Sunday might have some rain but there are no other options to reschedule so make sure you dress appropriately and show up. We will be playing in rain. Last week games were canceled because there was snow that melted and flooded the fields making them unsafe. Games will go on as long as field conditions are safe. Be thankful you live in Colorado! Colorado United Lacrosse League
  9:00am Field 3 Red Romes Saloon  
  Field 4 Gold Blue  
  10:30am Field 3 BSL-SM Colorado Liquor Mart  
  Field 4 Breakaway Team Everlast  
  Field 5 Old Skool Generals  
  12:00pm Field 3 Nike-Authentic Athletix Americans  
  Field 4 Hooligans-M Genesis  
  Field 5 Lax Gear Vipers-M  
  1:30pm Field 3 BSL-E POWLAX  
  Field 4 Switchback Vipers-E  
  Field 5 Hooligans-E Pioneer  
Make Up Game 3:00pm Field 3 Nike-Authentic Athletix Hooligans-M  
Field 4 Lax Gear Americans  
Make Up Game 4:30pm Field 3 POWLAX Pioneer  
Field 4 Hooligans-E Vipers-E  

  Sunday 5/3 

Field 3 - old skool vs Breakaway
Field 4 - Generals vs CO Liquor 
Field 5 - Romes vs BSL M 
Field 3 Genesis vs Vipers- M
Field 4 - Switchback vs BSL 


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